Friday, September 22, 2006


my company began a Rebranding effort in 2005. half a year later, all we'd accomplished was cosmetic updates, a fresh coat of paint (literally).

another 6mos later, after interminable late night sword-clashing sessions between ego-hound, navel-gazing designers, we have a new name and identity. our palette is rich, power colors and we’ve chopped down the number of syllables in our name from 9 to 2 – one less than razorfish. we are that damn tight. only god has fewer syllables, and his design skills are suspect. look at penguins for chrissake. i saw that March of the Penguins movie and that is just way too much effort for scant fucking ROI.

our new website will probably meander down the pike in another 6mos, but as far as demonstrable brand identity goes, we now have this:

that’s right. look and weep, my friends: a Vending Machine. it just arrived this week, with much hue & cry. there are Apple Snack Pies. Tiny Twists. Limited Edition Kudos (we're elite, but approachable). and, of course, cans of fizzy sugar.

this is Progress.

the VM is strategically placed at the front door to provide maximum WOW-ness to visiting prospects & clients. with our tiled elevator floors, partially-tiled vestibule and VM, what sensible person could fail to be impressed? game's up, razorfish/Avenue A. we've got the Vending Machine.


fatmammycat said...

Sweet! I would love a vending machine here in my apartment, I could spike my own glucose levels a couple of times a day instead of eating fucking berries with live yoghurt.
Mutter mutter stupid healthy living bollocks.

finn said...

are you really 5'10"?? do you realise that we could take over the world?

fatmammycat said...

Of course I'm bloody 5'10, I spent years in school standing at the back of every photo and being forced to play basketball. I like the idea of talking over the wold very much though.
I had my first run to day without feeling sick, so I reckon my head is just about right again. Huzzah!
CSI, gotta go.

Subhangi said...

Make that a spawning army of GIANT mutant geniuses.

(I'm 5'2".)

[Reverts to "damsel in distress" mode]

Theo said...

[strains and stretches up to full just-barely-6' height]

addon said...

ha ha small people i am 6' 3" is that not normal?

the process of change in an organisation is a rich source of humour, once you get over the cynicism with which its means of implementation is rightly viewed.

wow, big words, that was a bit of a mouthful. sorry.


finn said...

adam, i fear the electroshock has addled your brain, and you're squawking like malcolm gladwell. but you're tall, so you're forgiven.

subh, no worries. when we roll our tanky selves into town, teho will hoist you on his shoulders. like mr. bounce.

and cat, u say basketball and my knuckles ache. if i had a dollar for every jammed finger i got dutifully vying for a rebound...