Thursday, April 20, 2006

MyCo's state of the union

my company's just completed a 6-mo branding initiative. here are the results thus far.

what we DO have

  • new lighting fix-chures in the stairwell
  • a new security system outside. we have been Badged.
  • a 4x4 area of new tile in the entryway
  • a tiled floor in the elevator
what we DON'T have
  • a new name
  • a new logo
  • a new Identity
  • an updated website
we also don't have an HVAC system that works. when it gets hot in the afternoon, we have to turn the AC off or else it'll freeze up.

at 3 o'clock, when we've all got sweat dripping down our crevasses, i like to think well, at least our elevator floor looks nice.


fatmammycat said...

That kind of really bites. It is right up there with one crowd I worked for who spent a fortune on security cameras and video but wouldn't replace the £10 lock on the security shutter. naturally it was broken by a fellow with a room temperature IQ and a crowbar. He then made off with 8 grand's worth of electrical equipment.
I laughed.

finn said...

the inability to see the big pichur is responsible for so many fuck-ups and bad decisions, not the least of which is this shitty idea that we have to work, to live.

fatmammycat said...

Hon, that's why I work for myself.