Tuesday, October 17, 2006

like tossing pearls before swine

Quasar just spent 45min trouble-shooting one of his newly-programmed modules after a client complained about bad formatting. now he's bitching because it's the client's fault: vidya (aka the "vidiot") kept changing his CSS classes. "men don't make passes at women who change classes," i observed. dead silence.


well, at least it's october. grab some lurch-worthy drinking buds and go on a Zombie Walk.

(sorry FMC and adam; this seems to be a yank fenom.)


Theo said...

Well, we miss you over at CO, Finn Nine From Outer Space.

Someday, there will be a Dream Office. And, um, it won't be sodded... but you could always go downstairs.

addon said...

hey finn, yes i think i know the zombie walk thing, there was one in sydney some time back. you know i am going to say that is what i look like all the time, don't you. sorry could not not say that. bye now.