Monday, October 16, 2006


yesterday morning, while i was sitting on a beach surf-fishing and resting my cranky OTHER hamstring, the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K took off in downtown wilmington.

a women's-only race and fun walk, this event brings out thousands of people. our gov usually shows up to give the pre-race pep talk and fire the starting cannon. a local women's sports store puts up the 5K awards: a $100 gift certificate for the winner, and a voucher for a free pair of new balance running shoes for each winner in the 5-year age group categories.

last year none of the really fast chicks showed, and i won, taking the lead after playing some headgames with blondie. winning a race is always cool, but this win's even cooler because, since there are no men miles out in front of you, YOU get to follow the lead motorcycle and bask in the hoopla that comes with being the first across the finish line. and if your mom happens to be a 12-year survivor of breast cancer, the win's that much sweeter.

anyway, i didn'tcouldn't go this year, mollifying myself with the thought that rudy's wife vicki would show and win with a sub-16min time as she's done in the past.

but no, the results are posted and the winning time this year was 19:02, 15sec slower than my time last year, and the winning time for my age group was 23:48. arrrgggggh!

god i miss racing.

lord forgive me for i know not what i do. i am petulant, cranky and horny and therefore must be forgiven for this early monday morning impulse buy.

it's RED. and i love the leibowitz campaign.


fatmammycat said...

Poor old Finn, don't worry it will soon be better. I love Annie and I love that red ipod. I'm off out to go for a quick gallop around the park now, it's bloomin' freezing here today too.

finn said...

cat, is this the self-portrait you mentioned in a post last week? it's v well done. is that really susan sontag's baby in there??

this is the best time of year for running. turning leaves, crisp temps, dry weather and men's XC teams on my trails. yar.

addon said...

finn, what a bummer, I know what it is like to miss out on sumfin in which you would shine! galling.

i wanna ipod but no-one will buy one for me. sniff.


fatmammycat said...

That's the one Finn, and yep I believe it's Susan's baby. I just thought it was brilliantly defiant.
You're right about this being the best timme of year for running. I went last night and I'm not sure about the distance I think it's about 8 k in total but I had absolutely no stitch and in fact on the last stretch for home I was able to put a finishing spurt for the last 100 metres. (frightening the wits out a woman walking her boxer, who in turn frightened the wits out of me my barking at me)
Shins were a bit meh this morning, but other than that I feel great, and I'm fairly certain the yoga is helping with the breathing.

finn said...

no stitches; hurrah! yoga breathing also helps when Partner-at-Large drops a prospective client in your lap w/no warning and expects you to be 1) brilliant and 2) pulingly grateful.

ah to work for 1self FMC!

adam, i'm sure mrs. adam can be brought around if you made a case...