Tuesday, October 24, 2006


BAD: Killers show postponed last night bec of illness in a band member's family.

GOOD: this photo. it just warms my cockles.

[props to blogorrah.]


Subhangi said...

OMG. The last time I heard of Gerry Adams was what, 5 years ago? Some Sinn Fein thingy in the newspapers. My memory fails me.

BTW is it just me or does Blogorrah closely resemble this? (Purely in terms of layout, mind ya.)

[sigh] Am in the middle of animating; sorry if I seem to be brainfrizz.

finn said...

that, and this and prob a whole host of other geo-based blogs.

but thanks for bringing "asshat" back on my radar screen, for today is def rife with asshats. animated asshats.

sending u virtual dark choc m&ms...

Subhangi said...

Awwwww. Thanks.

*munch, munch*


Theo said...

I, too, luvs teh "asshat".