Tuesday, November 28, 2006

i want you

Fiona Apple covers Elvis Costello

The VH1 Decades Rock Live Elvis Costello tribute. When Costello was asked about the highlights of the show, he responded "...Fiona's incredible job on "I Want You." For me, that was musically the high point of the evening, in terms of how much you can reach within a song and come up with something that was for you."


Theo said...

Thought you weren't a Declan fan.

finn said...

not when he's singing, no.

you've got a mind like a freakin' steel elefant, teho.

Theo said...

I do OK. But thanks. (And I understand about the Zimmerman Syndrome.)

Still haven't made any progress on further mixes, even though I've got plenty of possible tracks lined up.

Opening for NIИ, live at Madison Square Garden, New Year's Eve: it's FREAKIN STEEL ELEPHANT!

Theo said...

...er, NIN. Blogger hates my Cyrillic characters.

finn said...


like enfant terrible.

i feel all frenchie today for some raison.

Theo said...

To freedom!

finn said...

To egalitie!

Subhangi said...

HOLY ... this song made the hair on my neck stand on end.