Wednesday, December 06, 2006

benefits of being a multi-sport athlete

this morning terry and i left the Y's shower room at the same time.

-- hi! haven't seen you for a while -she said brightly. were you on vacation?
-- nope. just sleeping in.
-- oh, that's nice. did you come in later?
-- no, just stayed lazy for a couple weeks.
she looked at me blankly.
-- what, don't you ever do that? - i asked.
-- oh no. i'm afraid if i did i'd never come back.

much respect to the terrys of the world, for whom fitness is work and diligence. it is easy to do something you love.

after 2 weeks it was soooo nice to get back in the water. like a little kid on christmas eve i DREAMED about swimming last night and was not disappointed this morning. sure i'm slow and i didn't even attempt fly, but that will come back.

in february.
it's still FattyTime.
and i'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.


fatmammycat said...

You know, I like your fattytime idea. I like it a whole lot.
I'm sitting here swaddled in fleece right this second and it just seems so appealing to me.
I know come 2'o'clock I must get up, get properly dressed in sweats and a wooly hat, leave my toasty home and head to the mulchy mucky area that is Bushy Park and begin my shambolic run. I know that at some point I will get rained on-even thought the sky is azure blue right now- because it is Ireland and we have four seasons in one hour. I know that when it comes to leaving the park and walking back towards my home a gale force wind will rise up and batter me senseless. It will stop as soon as I reach my front door.
I am really liking your fattytime a whole lot.
Yours, at 1:25 pm.

finn said...

into every life a little FattyTime must fall... if only to renew our appreciation when we return to our usual activities.

this is why HappyHour doesn't last all day.

fight the good fight, cat. by the time you return, HappyHour will be that much closer, and it'll be that much Happier if your legs are tired.

btw, are you still sleeping sans durmidia? (i'm spelling that wrong i'm sure.) because one of the downsides of FattyTime is increased insomnia, and i tire of waking at 2am.

fatmammycat said...

I got caught up in work, I'm only leaving now, Naturally that extra hour has given the sky ample time to darken and look ominous. And it's that bit colder.
I am a tool.
Off the drugs, even off the mid week booze, the sleep it a bit hit and miss though, still waking up at odd hours, but at least I don't feel as sluggish during the mornings anymore.
Okay, here I go...iPod on, set to Metallica and hat smooshed firmly on head.

finn said...

one of the nice things about running is that, even if it's cold, you get warm. it's different from cycling, where your toes become 5 little blocks of ice fused together after 2 hours of riding on a winter morning.

seems that concussion was a blessing in disguise fatmammycat. good on yah.

fatmammycat said...

I wouldn't have said that.
However, I was coming up the bank of unquestionable horror to day-it's a steep climb and normally half way up I have no choice but to slow to a kind of a skippity-walk-lurch thing. Today, with the cold snapping at my sweat patches I put my head down and bolted up it as fast as I could go.
I made it the whole way up to the top. Then I did a little Rocky dance, then I leaned over and hacked up a lung.
Running, not all it's cracked up to be, but not half bad some days.

finn said...

well done. you really only need one lung anyway.

do you have one of those post-run freezer-burn coughs? i love those.

i will be running vicariously through you for the next week or two, cat. suggest you eat a shitload of ice cream tonight.

fatmammycat said...

Not quite over the old cold/virus thing yet. Much better but still clearing the crap. That sodding bank helps. Although it splinters my shins going down it.
I don't like ice cream, but Etheline is coming over with some wine shortly, tomorrow is my birthday and tradition dictates that we get together the night before and toast it. So we are going to watch old films have a few glasses of hooch while the paramour grits his chops at the Arsenal in a near by bar.
Er..that's if I ever finish up with work.

finn said...

that sounds like a lovely evening, cat.

tonite i'll be listening to 2 guys talk about hunting the ivory-billed woodpecker. there will be hooch, too.

but more importantly

fatmammycat said...

Cheers darlin'.

finn said...

uh oh.
i hope i did not let the mammycat out of the bag. if i did, i'm sorry. :(