Thursday, December 07, 2006

noli me tangere

remember the hammie??

well, rudy's claimed my calf as his next victim. it crashed like a harddrive baby. while i lay sweating and groaning on rudy's table i considered biting my tongue in half because i thought that might make him stop sooner.

-- it's all soft tissue, deep soleus, some gastroc - rudy said as he prepped an ice bath for me - NOT a stress fracture: there're no hotspots on the tib. but i don't want you running or doing anything high-impact for the next week; there's too much acute pain in there.

i might have pouted a bit here. or it could have been my pained face as i hobbled over to the whirlpool.

-- oh stop it with the hangdog look. this is no big deal. remember your hamstring? you got over that. you runners... vicki does the same exact thing. 'oh woe, doldrums, i'll never run again moan moan moan.'

-- my world's crashing down around me, like.

-- yes, that. it's not that bad. come back in two weeks, one if it gets worse.

MF FattyTime.


Subhangi said...

OW!!! Hope you get better soon.

BTW - I had the same hammie bruising (but NOWHERE near as bad as yours, of course) when I went home. Since I was jogging and biking after six months of sitting on my butt, it was too much of a strain. I felt the pain, but I didn't realise it was a bruise (since it doesn't show up on my skin colour) until two days later, when it got darker due to prolonged impact.

Anyhoo ... happy sleepins.

Theo said...

Sounds like it's time for a "Lord of the Rings" marathon (MFHT).

finn said...

that's a fine suggestion. some hobbit revelry may be just what the doctor ordered. and if orlando bloom should stop by... well so much the better. i shall leave elf farts at the front door as bait.

er, tarts.

i'm re-watching Boomtown Saints now. such an awesome movie.

subh, you might be happier & more productive if you did a little jogging & biking over the next 6mos?? i know you're busy, but i'm just sayin'...

fatmammycat said...

Yikes! That looks velly painful indeed, sorta what the inside of my head must look like this morning.

addon said...

how do you do these things for god's sake?

looks like someone has a mismatch between expectations and reality. what has been called a disconnect.

doing the wrong things, finn? over-stretching your limbs a little? time to take up knitting?

have a hot chocolate and sling some alcohol in it.

i had a vasectomy once, they told me to go home and put my feet up with a beer. nearly made me go back for more.

you may live, is that good or bad news?


finn said...

Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow

Life is very long
and some chocolate & kahlua would do me
Nicely Now.

(sorry eliot)

Subhangi said...

Jogging and biking? [sigh] If you see the place I live in, you'll weep for me.

finn said...

oh noes!!
are we talking super-congestion-city?

if so, i weep copiously for ya subh.