Monday, December 18, 2006

how i spent my weekend when i wasn't running all over gods green earth on a Wii wild goosechase

fri nite: dinner with girlfriend before show. talked about desserts, depression, and boys. saw damien rice at the tower theatre. awesome show. again, Amie/Eskimo Friend the highlite.

sat nite: sushi with crew in philly before show. talked about the mona lisa, blowjobs and boys. saw the killers at the electric factory. good show, but i have been spoilt by Nails' 90-min sets, inspired re-interpretations and thrashing pits. spent the next 4 hours hanging out in gay bars with 5 gay guys, listening to bad karaoke, dancing to jacked techno and ogling unobtainable hotties.

if reverse logic proves true, after this weekend i should be leaking soy milk and shitting edamame.

i need some Gears of War STAT.

(some holiday spirit would be nice too.)


Theo said...

Finn is teh funny.
Best of luck finding your Wii.

Subhangi said...

Oh, you've fallen prey to the seduction charms of Teh Wii? May you get your fix.

I just got myself some Christmas decs. First time ever. Even a Santa hat.

finn said...

Wii Haiku
no Wii for me <sob>
or for under the tree <sob>
eat more chocolate.

subh send me a pic of u in your santa hat. i bet ur too cute.

Subhangi said...

I will. In the meantime, have you seen these?

finn said...

are you saying you're a flake??

addon said...

i wanna new camera ...