Tuesday, January 23, 2007

coachella 07

need an excuse to go west, young man?

jesus & mary chain, LCD soundsystem, the frames, air, damo rice and MF Rage.
what else were you planning to do the last weekend in april??

rudy's consigned me and my posterior tib tendinitis to treadmill running, akin to a death sentence to someone who needs to be outside, away from other people and going someplace.
what makes this inane hamstering tolerable is my nano and the Underworld soundtrack. it's got a killer version of bowie's bring me the disco king, the thrash of dillinger escape plan & icarus line, APC's solid heft and the crooning of johnette napolitano's suicide note. there're also some sweet solo instrumental tracks from danny lohner, who's responsible for corralling all this shit together and making it cohere.

there should be more lohner in the world.

UPDATED: here's that "killer version" of bowie's disco king. it's compressed tae fuck, but you get the idea.


addon said...

hey finn you a bowie fan?? so am i have been since hearing his stuff by chance in africa in 1970.

got the disco king track on a recent cd. like it a lot.

good health to ye.


Theo said...

Do I see Crowded House on that? And, like, RAtM with Zack?

finn said...

dude. Rage Against the Machine will reunite for Coachella.
don't dream it's over, eh?

adam, a resounding yes, though i came by bowie a little later than you. :) i have to say, though, that i prefer lohner's DK remix to the original. it's meatier.

what do you think?

Theo said...

Hey now. [snicker]

I wanna see Air and Willie Nelson collaborate. (Actually no... but Bee-york + Fountains of Wayne might be fun.)

addon said...

finn yeah thanks for the link to the version that's got ya pumping, i think i like it more, a bit more edgy maybe. thanks a lot for that.

i have a lot of old bowie LPs that i should dig out and listen to again ...



addon said...


i posted a shot of some of my early bowie LPs here.