Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union blues

so Our Glorious Leader had some wisdom and hope to dispense last night to the amurkin people. i was not one of them, as i was buried in bed with a stephanie plum novel when OGL took the stand. bitter experience has taught me that bush's tendency to spindle and mutilate the english language, combined with his snarky little giggles jon stewart apes so well, and topped with his astounding general ignorance gets me so exercised that i cannot sleep for hours afterward.

so i sacrificed getting to know the state of our union for some sleep. selfish, i know; but ultimately practical, for when i got up at 4:20 this morning, D was twitching restlessly, and he toddled blearily into the kitchen while i was making my double cappuccino.

- you missed a good speech last night - he noted while swigging orange juice straight from the carton. cad.

- really.

- yup. made me proud to be an american - he wiped his mouth, placed the juice carton in the spice cabinet and shuffled back toward the bedroom.

- you didn't sleep at all did you.

- nope.

i put the orange juice back in the fridge and took off for the Y feeling very pleased with myself.


Theo said...

Two things:
1) You get up brain-crunchingly early
2) Was he speaking in a bitterly ironic tone of voice?

finn said...

1) i like the dark.
2) rather.

Theo said...

1) How are you with garlic?
2) Thank teh Jeebus.

finn said...

1) reek of it. not big on crosses tho.
2) and the The Other Son.

Theo said...

That's the funniest frat video I think I've ever seen.

fatmammycat said...

Yooooohoooooooo, vengence is mine! And Jesus you get up early.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

I come via fatmammycat's place. I think to myself any friend of fmcs must be pretty cool, right?

I watch Celine Dion and leave now a different person. Staggering and bloodied I make my way home.

My God, woman, you're a fiend to post that. A FIEND!

(Leaves weeping...)

addon said...

what beats me about the whole thing is the theatre that is laid on. as i understand it bush now has democrats who basically do not agree with him but everyone stands and claps, there is a token returned service man laid on ... why does no-one just say "get out ya turd!!!!"?

finn said...

we said as much back on nov 7th, adam, but we were 6 years too late.

what infuriates me (right now) about bush is that the whole populace is against him; the security council's issued a (admittedly non-binding) resolution AGAINST sending more troops to iraq; but he and his fucking faith are marching on their merry way, sacrificing more lives and billyuns of dollars. IDiots.

sam, sorry you got gang-banged on your first visit here. it's normally not that bad.