Wednesday, January 31, 2007

F to the E to the F...

[via email, cos e don't IM.]

yo boy -- I found your gf’s blog here. who else would "e" be? who else would say "Buy this truck and PUNCH MOTHER NATURE IN THE FACE"?

I asked her if she was going to post these on the internet and she never got back to me. Apparently she has disguised us as Frenchie Canadians, so smart, no one ever suspects Canadians, let alone French ones.

Funny. Thanks.

good and can you ride today.

[in the spirit of full disclosure i should say i've been listening to slayer and pantera all day but i did not have mexican for lunch.]

Sorry. I can not ride today.

your loss. it's not everyday you can get serenaded by a meowed version of "Raining Death."

what are you talking about. I heard that this morning on
but maybe your version is different, please make a recording for me.

out-meowed again. curses!

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