Tuesday, January 30, 2007

idiots rule

my evening commute yesterday was marred by clips from juan williams' interview with Our Glorious Leader. needless to say, i ground another mm of enamel off my teeth and tossed for an hour before blessed sleep came. the full transcript and audio is here, but it's this shit that's like waving the red cape in front of me:

MR. WILLIAMS: Mr. President, you have talked about Harry Truman and the challenges that President Truman faced during his time here. He wasn't popular toward the end of his presidency, but history ended up judging him very well. Is that your hope now?

PRESIDENT BUSH: [bunch of posturing snipped] ...I think it's very important for people – for a president to make decisions based upon principles. You know, you can be popular, but you may be wrong. And I would rather, when it's all said and done, get back home and look in the mirror and say, I didn't compromise the principles that are etched into my soul in order to be a popular guy. What I want to do is solve problems for the American people and yield the peace that we all want.

guess what, dipshit. you were elected to enact the will of the people, not to act as a fucking philosopher-king. do you get it?? you’re the leader of a democracy, so if the populace and your congress oppose your wish to send more troops to iraq, maybe you should listen to them.

“principles etched into my soul.” give me a fucking break.

you can be UNpopular, AND you can be wrong.


fatmammycat said...

Uncanny, there was actually steam coming from my computer as I read that.

finn said...

and that is why macs rool.
my e-machine just sat there like the dumb beast it is.

are you on the upswing, ms. cat?

fatmammycat said...

Titling a bit today, but it's breaking down and coming up, it that isn't too graphic for ya.