Friday, February 02, 2007

music: balm for the soul

i know i'm like 4 years late, but all this week i've been groovin' on a perfect circle's thirteenth step, where billy, maynard & co rail against suicide, religion and general ignorance in a voice a touch more refined than the "fuck your god" cry of mer de noms.

check out this track, the noose, which features some writhing, atmospheric guitar from danny lohner. good stuff. did i mention the need for more lohner in the world? i think i did.

you saw the 300 movie trailer to the tune of NIN's "just like you imagined"? well, here's the Fragile-era band rehearsing it. highlights are reznor breaking down the opening chords and stage-directing ("don't try to make it a real attackful enter"), lohner's blazin' distortion and jerome dillon killin it on the drums even though he looks like he just walked out of a methadone clinic.

speaking of meth clinics, you've probably seen the latest pete doherty vid? i don't see the "horror" of the "graphic images of drug injection" but i do think it's damn funny to watch doherty shoot up while singing along with the gorillaz: "i'm useless, but not for long - the future is coming on." LOLZ.

have a weekend all.


fatmammycat said...

The NIN clip was just awesome, and I wish to GAWD that film would hurry on out to a cineplex near. Me and TLGK have been waiting for AGES.
have a good weekend ducks, tomorrow Country gay and I are doing a four hour hike, with his mental dog who probably won't even be tired be the end.

Brown Suga' said...

Lawd, that NIN video is bloody brilliant. I could practically visualise the flow of the film!!!

addon said...

hey. i posted something about you being a fishy finn and it's not here. huh.

I see that Euripides is known primarily for having reshaped the formal structure of traditional Attic tragedy by showing strong women characters and smart slaves, and by satirizing many heroes of Greek mythology. His plays seem modern by comparison with those of his contemporaries, focusing on the inner lives and motives of his characters in a way previously unknown to Greek audiences.

Guess that is why you like his works.

My b'day is 14 march, so get out and get these presents under way to me now. i like lots of stuff.

finn said...

birthdays a'plenty!! happy belated to subh -- i hope you had a great time saturday!

adam, be careful. euripides mp3s and RIAA be ON yo ass. hee!! i hope the "lots of stuff" that you like includes bad puns.

FMC, i really hope 300's as good as its promo, but as you've noted before, movies usu don't live up to the hype.