Monday, February 05, 2007

pre-bowl hype

- so, are you ready for a big sit?

- i don't think i'm good for much else. - my head's still pounding from the excesses of my company's holiday party the night before, and i'm working off 4 hours of sleep. it took me 20min to make coffee and the caffeine's so far failed to revive me.

- kickoff's at 6:30. pre-game starts at noon.

- SIX HOURS of pre-game?!? - this never fails to amaze me.

- there's a lot to go over. finn, it's the SUPERBOWL. it's the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP of football! - he laughs - that always cracks me up. it's like the WORLD SERIES in baseball, that's only the US. or the WORLD poker championships.

- or the WORLD cup!! - i pipe up. he stares at me.

- the world cup IS the world.

- right. make us a bloody mary wouldya.


Theo said...

Y'know this is funny, because just this morning I heard that somebody won the Superbowl. What are the odds.

addon said...

yeah like we have the WORLD SERIES in boomerang throwing.

so is the Superbowl like the Holy Grail, that sort of thing? I didn't know Amerikans played football ..

fatmammycat said...

Will be off line for a couple of days, I have to unplug this now, the man is tapping his foot. Eek. Ciao Bella!

finn said...

that is wot i love about you, teho. you sometimes live in the lacuna n don't give 2 shakes about Normal People Things.

actually, the 1st quarter of the SB was pretty good, what with the downpour causing the ball to squirt out from clutching paws. i went to sleep right after prince, tho.

adam, the SUPERBOWL and its victor's rings are the Holy Grail of 75% of the american male pop (which obvy doesn't include our teho). it's also an excuse to buy a high-def television and a cheese fountain.

FMC, i already miss u.

i feel like some cheese.