Friday, February 16, 2007

performing monkey experience management

one presentation-from-hell down; one to go.

two highlights from yesterday's:

question from IT guy: so, what process do you use to come up with these personas you're saying are so crucial for customer-centered design?

my straight-faced answer: magic.

i think he was looking for something more empirical. which might explain this:

question from He Who Makes the Decision: should it come down to it, would your company be flexible enough to do only the design work if we select another vendor to develop our Customer Experience Strategy?

answer from me, the Customer Experience Strategist: um, yes?

piss fuck shit cunt.
(powerpoint gives me tourettes, as does Word.)


Brown Suga' said...

Well, it's MFBT, so hope things are decent for you today.

fatmammycat said...

It's Friday, surely soon you will be doing what I'm about to do and run for the nearest bar? Right?

addon said...

outstanding performance, finn! take a coupla days off to recover.