Monday, February 19, 2007

Year Zero

2 new nails tracks.

have to say i'm not a fan.


Theo said...

Hmmm. I'd call "Survivalism" industrial electro-pop. (It's still better than Marilyn Manson.)

"My Violent Heart" sits on and oft-recycled shuffle beat (originally James Brown's "Funky Drummer"... borrow from the best), fed thru some kind of NIN filter of course. I like this one better; it could drop seamlessly into Downward Spiral.

My bottom line: Club-friendly.

Theo said...

Oops. "an oft-recycled shuffle beat," not and.

addon said...

could get to like this stuff finn. no idea what theo is saying. good for the earphones while getting root canal work ha ha.

seriously - no' bad.

finn said...

props 2 u teho, but it's just not workin' for me yet. and the whole conspiracy/coincidence campaign seems too contrived.

makes me pine for the visceral simplicity of Broken.

club-friendly?? interesting. we'll see how it playz out.

Theo said...

Oi Finn.
I can't help but put a bunch of NIN stuff together in kind of a story arc, in my head. "Pretty Hate Machine" felt like the protagonist was in shock, struggling to understand. "Broken" was blind anger & rage (culminating with the "Burn" single from Natural Born Killers). "Downward Spiral" was grief; "The Fragile" was numbness & absence; "With Teeth" was sorta waking back up & returning, and now these new bits (especially "My Violent Heart") is acceptance, like being at peace with one's warrior spirit.

In fact I see a straight line from "Burn" to "MVH": the latter's a matured version of the former, to my ear.

finn said...

teho, i tot buy into your story arc. in fact, i 'member this post from way-back-when:

PHM: i hate myself and i want to fuck
Broken: i hate myself and i want to kill
TDS: i hate myself and i want to die
the Fraggle: i hate myself and i want to love *sob*

i loved WT in part because of its message of return & recovery. inspiring on mult levels.

i've a feeling tho that Y0 will be more combative than accepting because i think it's more political than personal.

btw, i never really grooved on "burn" til it appeared on NC1. now it's one of my fave tracks.

Theo said...

LOL! Beaut.