Thursday, March 15, 2007

APC, black lab & lohner

i believe in runners' highs.

sure, i've read evidence to the contrary, experts dismissing them as simple endorphin spikes that can occur anywhere, during any activity, but i submit there's something special about running, something i've never felt riding or swimming, climbing or skiing, or throwing steak-knives at my cats. the experience that most closely approximates that feeling is listening to music, or reading prose or poetry where, for a couple fleeting moments, all the pieces drop together and everything connects. seraphim hum in the heavens, string theory makes sense, and john lennon's still alive.

i said it was fleeting.

anyway, i had one of those moments t
his morning, on the treadmill of all places. 15min into an easy 50min run, rolling along at a 7:40min mile pace, i felt the hairs on my arms begin to prickle as the high settled in. my stride seemed effortless and fluid. i was utterly relaxed and felt like i could run forever. i left the Western Family YMCA and went somewhere else. sure the high gradually wore off, dropping me back into a reality of gossipy rattlemouths, out-of-order water fountains and lockerrooms that smell like urine; but it's these runs, the handful a year, that make the others worthwhile.

do non-runners get this feeling? i wish i could bottle and share it, but i can't, so here's some music instead. who invented music? was it some dude just out of the sea who started
humming a ditty? but wait, which comes first -- the ditty or the humming of it? fuck if i know.

this is the good shit, champs:

  • an acoustic version of APC's 3 libras. i love the violin and i love the way maynard wraps his voice around the line and here i am expecting just a little bit too much from the wounded.

  • black lab's weightless, from the new cd passion leaves a trace. speaking of voices, i can only describe paul durham's as langorous, like amy lee's of evanescence. they both fill out out a vocal track like beyonce fills out a pair of sevens.

  • finally, because there has to be lohner, here's counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums, DLo's remix of APC's pet. is that the new NIN? - d asked, squinching up his face in distaste. if it turns D off it's probably good stuff. no it's not, but you can feel the little reznor bleeding through. which was lost on him too.
jesus i love music.


Brown Suga' said...

I LOVE your taste in music!

finn said...

as i remarked to the old irish gentleman furiously pedalling alongside me when he insisted he loves america, you're one of the few. glad you are, though.

did the vox hack job work for ya?

fatmammycat said...

I wish I knew what the hell it is you're talking about when you mention 'running highs.' I really do.

finn said...

are you really going to make me go back & hunt down a past post about running up that hill & arriving at the summit tired but glowing?

because i will if you're going to play smartass, ms mammycat; for i believe you do know.

fatmammycat said...

Sigh, I know I know, but some days it's just so sodding hard. Anyhoo, it's thursday, time to go for the weekly boozer/solve the world's problems session.

Brown Suga' said...

The vox hack job worked all right. I'm gonna work it some more. ;)

You are teh awsum.