Friday, March 09, 2007

dublin, 2007

- so, what did you do in dublin? - asked F.

- what did i do in dublin. well let's see, i went to church (twice); visited 4 museums; browsed 6 bookstores; went to gaol (kilmainham, that is); saw 2 plays; attended the irish blog awards; got wasted, lost and hit by a spitball in the stephens green shopping centre; got sneered at, celebrated, felt up and overcharged for being american; ran through the ringsend wastewater treatment center; got very wet, very cold and very lost; celebrated my birthday with a bunch of strangers and a very cute, earnest german boy straight out of university; and did NOT get shit on by a cat. it was awesome.

- gosh, and to think i'm going to acapulco instead.

sure i'd be in acapulco too if the pints were decent and if i weren't bone-poor right now but they're not, and i am, so it's delaware for me.

meanwhile, here are some more pix, and here's fatmammycat's Tale of Glendalough (which means Cat&Finn of the Many Sorrows in gaeilge).

happy friday and i need some sleep.


Subhangi said...

Lovely photos, dewdette. But none of you and FMC?

The names sound very French-ish though. Monserrat, Quadalme, etc ... but then again, they're probably not pronounced the way they're spelt.

Subhangi said...

Oi, wait. I think I saw the wrong pics ...

fatmammycat said...

I've entered the BUPA fun run in the park, 15th of April. It's only 10k, but it should help with the old training. They're sending me out my very first ever offical 'number' eeeeeeeee!

finn said...

you prob saw the right pics, sub -- there are only a dozen though, and the rest are from spain last year.

FMC, do you know what the difference (it's said) is between a jogger and a runner? an entry form. so welcome to the runner's world. just don't do as i say, or as i do.

addon said...

sounds like you had a great time finn! that is good. you packed a lot in. in more ways than one, no doubt.