Thursday, March 08, 2007

jetlag blues

boy it's just great to be back in delaware, where the alarm bleeped at 4:15 so i could stew in chlorine for an hour before beginning the workday by corralling 1868 emails, 1800 of which were spam and 60 were snarky inter-office emails spawned by a typo from our technical staffing manager who's apparently seeking java programmers with particular "skillets". the only email of any interest was from GAD directing my attention to one elephant eating another elephant's poo.

i already miss my irish breakfasts and the thick black coffee from Insomnia and Greene's bookstore (where i scored a first edition of sean o'casey's 3-volume autobiography) and the walk through stephens green on the way into town and the poseur chicks with their BT bags and the Temple Bar pub where you can pee at any time of day and the Dublin Writer's Museum with its lunchtime lectures and cheap, good eats. i even miss the dude begging for spare change under the construction underpass by Grafton street.

i don't miss the congestion, or having to wait at crosswalks for the light to change before crossing the street, but that's a small price to pay for a decent pint of guinness.

you better love americans, you feckin' oirish, cos i did my part to feed the tiger. to wit:

observe the books:

what kind of moron brings a ton of BOOKS back from vacation? the paperbacks weren't so bad, but i did curse the name of o'casey as i lugged his trilogy on my back while circling aimlessly through the economy lot of the Newark airport, searching for a non-descript snow-covered sedan that looked like every other snow-covered vehicle in that lot.

note to self: this is a good reason to buy a Hummer. maybe the only reason.
note to wilmington crack fiends: maybe you can quit stealing my rack, assholes. i used to be able to find my car in the zingo's parking lot, no prob, when i had a bike rack. now, when i can't find find it readily at zingo's, i'm sure as shit not gonna find it in the sea of cars at newark international.
note to newark international: i'd hardly call $105 for parking a week in your lot "economy" parking.
note to FMC: you're my hero. LGK will turn out just fine.


fatmammycat said...

We do! We do! We think youse 'mericans are the shit. 'I've never been wetter' is fast becomming my newest mantra.

Theo said...

I see you did get a sweater. Excellent. The one my sister got me (from Galway?) is the bad-ass-est piece of winter clothing I own.

Now I need a vacation... and what I've got coming up is business travel. [sigh]

Theo said...

...oh, and welcome back!
(I am teh duh)

finn said...

teho, there's a story behind that sweater. when my mum was a leetle girl my grandparents took her to ireland. one of her more lucid memories is a trip to Cleo's, a velly (oops channeling FMC) nice boutique-y wool & tweedy place, which just happened to be a couple blocks away from my townhouse; so i went there and spent many euro on a beautiful sweater cos she's my mum and she sent flowers across teh pond for my birthday and she deserves it.

i myself have a sweater i bought in galway 2 years ago and yes you're right it's quite bomb-proof.

are you at least going someplace warm for bidness?

Subhangi said...

Yay, welcome back! Glad you had a good time. I'm seeing green, pun intended.
I need a vacay too, ASAP, or I'll turn to dust. [nods of empathy at Teho]