Monday, April 02, 2007

april fools

- so, were you the butt of any april fools jokes yesterday? - i asked the mayor.

- no, i totally forgot about it 'til last night. google's was pretty good, though.

- how 'bout you, loucypher?

- i woke my wife up and told her the kids were dead. then i did the same thing to ash. "gamgam sarah is dead. so's your mom. here's a tissue. clean yourself up and go back to sleep."

- i love you, you know that don't you.

- you just love my doggy style.

- that too.


addon said...

is this april now? it's all the same when you don't have to work ha ha ha.

finn said...

just a suggestion, adam: maybe you should NOT RUB OUR NOSES IN THIS.


i'd LOVE to sit around taking pictures all day...