Tuesday, April 03, 2007

hard-on 4 hard-core

it's spring. time to ditch the gloomy Radiohead and A Perfect Circle and get back to a little old-skool hardcore punk. get those vesicles pumpin.

from the east coast
Agnostic Front's gotta go.

to the west coast
Black Flag's seminal rise above, from Damaged, their first full-length album and first with rollins. henry rollins, you might know, was just a fan 'til he jumped on stage with them in NYC in '81 and did such a rockup-sockup job that they took him on as their front-man.

see, it could happen. i could set fire to the third bar.

gotta go to delawhere
yeah, delaware. some post-hardcore from boysetsfire: rookie

n to DLo
post-post-hardcore from Black Light Burns: mesopotamia. earworm fer shur, and how can you resist lyrics like

mesopotamia, mesopotamia
you fucking give me the creeps
you fucking give me the creeps

hey, it's wes borland and danny lohner, okay? not the exactly the philosopher kings of rock & roll, but sometimes you need a break from the thoms and maynards.

[mothers dont let your sons grow up to join bands like Skrew, or Angkor Wat, or NIN.]

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