Wednesday, April 18, 2007

stamina physical & mental

the small-talk prefacing our Girls on the Run board meeting last night was dominated by two hot topics. first was the shitty nor’easter conditions at boston on monday, and how the gusting 40mph winds and snow squalls added roughly 10min to the average marathon time. several of MM’s runners targeted boston to run qualifying times for Olympic trials and boy did they get punkd. only one made his cut-off, and boston took so much out of him that he’s out of running for a while.

reporting from the realm of the mortals, queen T and kell ran just under 3:20, when they’re usually 3-flat. kell said she could have run faster if she’d destroyed herself but decided to slow down & savor the experience; while QT spent 3 hours promising herself she’d never run another marathon ever ever ever.

the other item offered for
consideration was the steeplechaser’s lack-luster performance at an invitational meet where he was hoping to notch a qualifying time for track & field Olympic trials.

- i just don’t understand – fisch said – he ran totally passive; he wasn’t even a factor. it wasn’t a case of sitting in, either. he was in the back, in lane 4 the whole time. and there was one time before a water jump where it looked like he didn’t even know what to do.

coach fischer is one of the kindest people on the whole planet, so if he’s clucking disparagingly at or about you, you’ve fucked up big-time.

- i was hard on him afterward too. i mean, i called in favors to get him on that line and so did you – fisch nodded at MM – and he goes and does this. people aren’t going to let him into meets anymore.

this isn’t the first time the
steeplechaser’s folded under pressure – he did it before Athens too, running way off his normal times and not even making it to the qualifying quarter-finals.

just goes to show it’s not enough to have the physical ability to run 40x200m at 4min mile pace. you’ve gotta have the junk upstairs too.

dude needs some Tool i think.

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