Tuesday, April 17, 2007


  1. to test myself
  2. to see if it's real
  3. for practice
  4. because it’s easier than I thought
  5. because I can
  6. because I’m ocean-size
  7. for the asshole who cut me off on I-81 this weekend
  8. for the bitch who laughed when I spilled my coffee this morning
  9. for American Idol
  10. for Mel Gibson
  11. for Don Imus
  12. fuck it, because you want me to say it, for fucking Hitler and
  13. for Edward Norton
  14. for Johnny Truant
  15. for Esther
  16. because she looks like Rachel Bilson
  17. and he looks like Chris fucking Daughtry
  18. for her dumbass MySpace page
  19. because he's wearing a Google t-shirt
  20. because I’m on a roll
  21. because of the way they scramble
  22. for their weakness
  23. for mine
  24. for the smell of copper, of action
  25. to speak
  26. to be heard
  27. to prove you were wrong about me
  28. because it will always be this way
  29. because I can’t go back
  30. because I can’t go back
  31. because I can’t go back
  32. because I can’t go back
    because I’m sorry
  33. to leave


fatmammycat said...

Because I'm a self involved fucked up cry-baby and EVERYONE must feel/understand MY pain.

finn said...

wait... that's me.

fatmammycat said...

Yeah? Well here's yer skin and blister. Only I ain't totin' nuthink more deadly than an overweight cat-although I'd say if I flung her at you it would smart, you'd definitely come away with concussion.
Why can't these fuckers ever just take up a spot of 'cutting' and listening to Slipknot like the rest of the rejected.

finn said...

nobody can say, FMC, though network news will serve us expert analysis until we puke. that's why i didn't turn the TV on at all yesterday.

Brown Suga' said...

sorry you're feeling like crap ...

but why Edward Norton?

Yeah, he can be an annoying man sometimes but ohnevermind.

addon said...

no idea what all this means but never mind. hooroo.

finn said...

consider yourself fortunate then.