Friday, May 04, 2007

black flab motorcycle lights

if only we didn't have to work.
if only i weren't trapped in this office.
if only i were outside riding my bike.
but at least there is music, and i've been looping black-ly all day: black flag, black lab, black light burns and black rebel motorcycle club. BMRC's Baby 81 is some earwormy shit yo. try some "american X", or download it.

FWIW, 1st tri of the year is on sunday. last year the water was so squalid i almost threw up during the swim, the bike loop i swear was a headwind the whole time, and the run was a fucking death march. it was easily my worst race of the year, way worse than doing worlds with a torn hammie.

it would be nice to wear our new kits -->
but after one use, the chamois in the multi-sport shorts (@ left) has pulled halfway away from the shorts after i made the mistake of pulling a seemingly innocuous thread. shoddy italian craftsmanship. that's why i ride shimano, not campy.

have a good weekend, all.

My girl friend asks me which one I like better
Six pack!
I hope the answer won't upset her
Six pack!


fatmammycat said...

Good luck! I think-if I'm not horribly mistaken- I saw some of the photos from last year and hold up, didn't you do really well, despite yer growlin'?
Anyhoo, I have the greatest faith in you. Knock 'em dead.*

* (I know where we can hide the bodies)

Brown Suga' said...

Best o' luck for the tri.