Thursday, May 03, 2007

and on the fourth day...

i just finished tweaking this afternoon's Performing Monkey presentation in OpenOffice Impress on my LappleTM, instead of grinding through PPT on my e-machine. intermittent burbles of triumph and joy may have erupted,
causing loucypher to moan

how long are we going to have to listen to you orgasm over your mac? get a ROOM.

and prompting mr. twisty to email

Reason #503 for Why I Hate Windows…
It likes to rearrange my Desktop icons, just to fuck with me. Where’s my shortcut to the TCC folder? Why, it’s where it was 2 months ago. Oh Windows, you crazy kid. You’d switch up Helen Keller’s furniture, just for shits and giggles.

i need a case, cover or sleeve now. any recommendations? does someone make a version of the ipod & nano clear-skin cases for a 17" MacBook Pro?
of course, there's always this.
halliburton. Z series. Gun Metal.
unalloyed sex appeal. safe enough for eye-raq. w0rd.

LappleTM is a licensed trademark of FoxMammyCat/Paramour, i think.


Theo said...

I agree with Reason #503 (the blasted 60-day Desktop Cleanup routine) and can tell you how to kill it, now that you're no longer running Windows...

Control Panel --> Display --> "Desktop" tab --> "Customize Desktop" button --> uncheck the "Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard every 60 days" checkbox

Click OK, click OK, close Control Panel, breathe easier.

fatmammycat said...

The lapple must be carefully carted about in a brown leather satchel, the sort Laura Ingles might cart her books in as she made her bonny way to sunday school. Strap to be worn across the chest. That would be mine.
According to the paramour however, a lightweight plastic waterproof lockable foam filled lapple carrier is perfect.
Pfft, he's such an apple whore.

Theo said...

Did somebody say "lightweight plastic waterproof lockable foam filled lapple carrier"?

fatmammycat said...

Shewallah! Theo got it down pat!

addon said...

you might find something here that would be cool ..

finn said...

people your cleverness never ceases to amaze.

adam, i have no idea how you came up with Jenny's Suitcase Division, but the Perfect Drug side of me's kinda leaning toward this. it will also be useful when i take my condom puppet show on the road.

teho, i think i could kill somebody and stuff them in that case. the body wouldn't be found for years. are you trying to tell me something?

thanks for illuminating the Desktop Cleanup mystery, btw. we don't feel so helpless now, mr. twisty and i, bec the sad fact is that i still have to run windoze sometimes.

FMC, i never figured you for a Little Fairy on the Prairie(TM)... mmmmm, is "apple whore" a bad thing??

[Little Fairies on the Prairie(TM) is a registered trademark of my mom.]