Tuesday, May 08, 2007

reason #602 for Why I Hate Windows

mr twisty strikes again, sends to me this Cry from the Wooly Windoze Wilderness:

Oh, and now you won’t be worrying about shit like this…context is “I want to know where I should store templates on my hard drive”

Download a template

The first time that you download a template, you see a dialog box explaining that this feature is available only to people with genuine Microsoft Office. After we verify that your software is legitimate and fully supported by Microsoft, the template is downloaded, and you never see more messages about genuine software again. Subsequent template downloads just happen immediately.

Note We check the validity of the software every time you download a template. However, you won't see the dialog box if you select the Don't show this message again check box or unless we determine that the software isn't genuine.

If you do not have genuine Microsoft Office, another dialog box tells you which Microsoft Office programs that you have installed are not genuine. You also see the list of the nongenuine programs. You can either close the dialog box or click a link to get more information. The link to more information takes you to a Web page on the Microsoft Web site that provides you with additional details about your status and lists the steps to take to make your software legitimate and fully supported. If you do not have genuine Microsoft Office, you cannot download templates.

Fuck genuine Microsoft Office – where do downloaded templates go?

me? i'm out of the office all day doing stakeholder interviews.
with my MacBook Pro.


addon said...

bloody windows microsoft and all that crap, a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. what would you want one of their bloody templates for anyway????

i'll do a template for you. no fuss. whatdya want?

Brown Suga' said...

I still use Windows, but I take care to avoid all this extracurricular activity!

Take advantage of Adam's generosity, is my advice. ;)

fatmammycat said...

a mini snarf, the only one I had all day so muchio besos.

Theo said...

I've never seen anything like this, and I've been doing Windows troubleshooting for a while now... anyway it's kindof a textbook definition of "moot" now, innit?

finn said...

not as moot as i wish, for ICM has out-foxed me by ensuring i can't access our internal server using OSX.

he has won this little skirmish, but not the war.

adam, can you design a template for a new chief tech officer who isn't irrationally anti-mac? and one who'll generously suggest the company foot my $80/mo bill for wireless net access WITHOUT stipulating i work X hrs of overtime per week in return.

can you do that?

addon said...

arrrrgh my bluff is called.

now then. the swim across the pacific is nothing but the trip across the US of A, whether by bike or my own skinny legs, would prove too much.

bring him out here and I'll have him done over. that'll teach him.