Wednesday, May 09, 2007


like love, spring comes quickly: one day you run down the same old trail to find it's now green and cloistered. the trilliums have popped down by the pond:

there's vibrant columbine in the bed by the kitchen door:

and the jack-in-the-pulpits for the most part have sprung from their phallic tubes, but here's a late bloomer:

the women's locker-room at the YMCA is undergoing spring cleaning. this morning i walked in to find half of the floor spotless, brand sparkly new, as though someone had taken a massive pressure washer to that area, leaving an unfinished half as contrast so we could appreciate the effort. and i was sure appreciative.

-- wow, what a difference a little cleaning makes – i noted to Fashionista Blondie, who shames me with her knee-high, pointy-toed boots and pencil skirts while i’m shucking my cargo pants and Blunnies.

-- i was just thinking about what we’ve been walking on all this time – she says, tight-lipped and frowny. poor woman. her boots must pinch her toes real bad.

we take it for granted, spring, but what if you knew this one were your last?


addon said...

bet you made up all these plant names ...

Brown Suga' said...

Lovely pics.