Tuesday, June 05, 2007

BRMC sampler

for brown suga & other interested parties. i wish vox, where this stuff is hosted, didn't autoplay audio, and didn't play it so freakin' LOUD. you've been warned.

red eyes and tears - (live in cologne; 2002)

in like the rose
- dig the contrast between the 2 guitars

ain't no easy way
- blues-y and thighslapping


666 conducer
- badass, pure & simple.


american X
(baby 81) - stellar vocals and lyrics wrapping with a trippy, Doors-ish solo. after they played this song on friday night the drummer had to leave the stage, presumably to rest. awesome song.

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Brown Suga' said...

Wow, thanks finn. I'll check these out as soon as I get rid of this cold. Dammit.