Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Evolution of Apple

i guess Apple's releasing something this week and accordingly everyone's got their panties in a wad.

i need another phone like a hole in the head, but the new data plans are surprisingly reasonable, esp for someone looking for WiFi net access at home. marking this one as Under Consideration.

meanwhile, to put things in perspective, edwin tofslie mocked up a real nice pictorial evolution of Apple, from 1976 to present day.

where do you score? i come in with 6:
   1990 - mac classic
   1994 - power mac 6100
   1997 - power mac
   2003 - ipod 3rd gen
   2006 - ipod nanu nanu
   2006 - mac book pro


fatmammycat said...

Consider various panties and jocks in this house wadded to the max.
Oh Finn, do you see, it's like old Adam 'n Eve, one nibble on any form of Apple and the hook are in, sin, bin, thin, you know what I mean.

finn said...

you picked a fine time to go off the hooch, pet.


fatmammycat said...

The hooch is one thing, but if you notice a certain someone's blog is getting all cranky and touchy-well more than usual, let me assure you it's coffee related.

finn said...

which begs the question why?

what happens in 3 weeks?

or is it that you like to shake up the domestic tranquility every 6mos or so?

fatmammycat said...

I'm all for the shake ups. I'd say what will happen in three weeks is that I will get velly velly drunk indeed. Hopefully not puke in someone's hands drunk, but quite merry indeed.
I'm upping my marathon training a bit so I just thought I'd give the body a bit of a break while I accumulate the extra miles. It can't do any harm...or it will do a lot of harm, meh, who can say?

addon said...

score 1 = 1987 Macintosh SE (or at least it looked like that). But only at work. Did not get a computer at home until a hospital whose project I was managing upgraded its stuff and one fell off a truck ... a M$ thing. This was the late 90s.

Funny thing - I had to go to darkest Africa to get up to speed with computers. This was in the early 80s and there were no such things in out work offices then. I think the secretaries had just got word processors so I suppose they had PCs. Anyway, I was assigned under Oz foreign aid to the Design Department of the Ministry of Works in Malawi. An American firm was doing a long-term road maintenance project for them and dumped a PC in the department I worked in one day. Needless to say I got my sticky fingers on it as the locals ran scared. Taught myself Word Processing (Multimate??) and Spreadsheets (Excel).

I got to be quite the smarty-pants with the latter, left them with programs for the design of vertical road curves, drainage calculations, civil engineering bills of quantities templates and lots more.

I hacked a clearing in the metaphorical jungle but I bet it grew back after a couple of years. Or six months. But at least that experience prepared me for when we returned to Oz, I could say that I was computer literate.

I wanna apple.

Manuel said...

the "i guess" is coming out soon. I score 2 or 4 if you count the ipod that got stolen and the ipod that died. Now I have a nano and a mac mini. But I would like an iphone.

Mayrasmom said...

I'll admit to scoring a big fat Zero.

finn said...

that's okay kath. i see a descendant of the mac mini in mayra's future. for now you've got gates' feeble attempt at mac UI.

manuel, would you like an iphone enough to camp out in line for one?

adam, an SE? do you still have it? my mac classic is packed away in the attic though it might have melted in the sweltering east coast heat by now.

i have great respect for excel and those who can summon all its powers. how MS hasn't managed to fuck it up - like most of the apps it acquires - is one of the worlds great mysteries.