Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TV party tonight!!

nurse ratched and i got out of the pool at the same time this morning, and while we dressed we engaged in the kind of small talk necessary between two naked people in close proximity.

- any vacation plans? - i asked.
- i'm going to rehobeth for two weeks in august with some girlfriends. you?
- going to maine for a couple weeks in september. to a cabin on a lake with no electricity, no running water, no tv, no phone. i can't wait.

the nurse frowned and looked skeptical. i've handled this response, but before i could explain there's propane that will run a refrigerator, oven and lights, she spoke.

- that sounds nice except for the tv part. i don't know if i could go without tv.

that's the first time i've gotten that response, and i didn't know how to respond without sounding princetonian, so i smiled weakly and lied. - it takes some getting used to.

E did alert me to the fact that if there's no electricity, there's no way to charge the Lapple. now THIS has triggered some consternation on my part. i can pump my own water, shit in an outhouse, and forego bad television, but give up my mac for 2 weeks??

I sit glued to my Mac Book Pro all night
And every night!
Why go into the outside world at all?
It's such a fright!


fatmammycat said...

Who knew I had epilepsy!
But seriouly, no Lapple? Really? Sounds iffy to me. Yer gonna have to go cold turkey so. Bring hooch, lots and lots of hooch.

Mayrasmom said...

D will kill me for this, but I'm willing to bet you can find some sort of solar charging contraption, good luck.

finn said...

i've found -- rather, E found -- a solar contraption for charging an ipod, but my car can do that. i haven't yet found anything that will go full hog for Lapples, but i've not given up because it'll take more hooch than my liver can manage, even with the milk thistle.

Mayrasmom said...

Yikes. I had seen solar this and thats in various catalogs without looking at the pricing. Hope you find something acceptable.

Theo said...

Hey, you're a cyclist; maybe this could help?

finn said...

The Navitas can charge it's on-board, 24-volt battery in three different ways: Strength, Sun and Wind.

will Earth, Wind and Fire work too?

boy, the rural mainers would have a great time with that giddyup. in terms of entertainment value, i might rack right up there with the Springfield Demolition Derby.

Manuel said...

Your music taste is impressive. Although I didn't really like that ISIS album you were listening to the other day. Black Flag though, nice...

finn said...

thx manuel. sometimes you need the ambient shit, and sometimes you need to Rise Above.

Manuel said...

Clutch for me today, Elephant Riders...

finn said...

hmmmmmm, i have no Clutch.

thanks, i will surf some itunes.