Friday, June 29, 2007

things to do instead of waiting in iLine today

they're here.
and if you're cool, you'll get yours in 10 hours or so.


if you're a loser like me, with no plans to acquire the iDesire, you'll need something to do while the rest of the world's standing in line and drooling. here are some suggestions. maybe you have better ones.

-- (re)read The Fountainhead. be like howard roark. he thought Different.

-- hand-write a letter to your grandmother. she wouldn't know an iPhone from an earworm, but a note from you would make her day.

-- go to Circuit City (place will be empty bro) and buy a Zune.
-- ha ha!! just kidding. think Different, not stupid.

-- watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. gandalf was a rad dude, and i'm pretty sure he didn't have an iPhone.

-- go find some 4-leaf clovers. apparently it's not so hard --
here's how. see? you're still special, to me.

-- watch some of these
Top 20 Magic Trick Tutorials. if you never actually attempt the tricks you'll at least feel better knowing the truth behind the trick. sometimes things that appear flashy and jaw-gapingly incredible are an illusion, a sleight of hand.[1]

-- remember there's more to life than the iPhone. there are markymark's guns, for ex.

-- DRINK. it is MFBT.

[1] unless they are made by Apple.


fatmammycat said...

Drink? Are you pulling my lobes? However I DO happen to have some popcorn and the Lord of the rings, all 3dem. Huzzah!
That Marky's a bit of a rare peach is he not, he's in some new fil-um too where he's an ace sniper. Not a Steven Segal in sight. Not even dressed as an innuit.
God, that phone looks very nice though.

finn said...

wasn't he the best prick in the world in The Departed? better prick than Boogie Nights. Shooter out on DVD nowzah.

has there been a House Ruling on the phone? or just idle trashtalk?

*i* shall drink for you instead fatcat, AFTER the Black Light Burns concert tonite. guarantee there will be no 50yo's screeching in my ear.

fatmammycat said...

See, now you're just making me suffer needlessly.
I"m off to the gym to work my triceps and ponder the anger and jealously I feel towards people who go about enjoying Fridays.

finn said...

nobody put a gun to your head, young lady; this is your own doing. 'sides, when you are fully detoxed and glowy you can flaunt it over the masses of decrepitude.

fatmammycat said...

And I WILL, you can be sure of that.
Anyhoo, drink aside, me hopes you have a spendido weekend one way or t'other. I am now going to convince Opus that he does indeed like egg yolk and getting his nails clipped-although not at the same time, that might get messy.
Ciao bella.

Manuel said...

Buckley?! Pah! Bonnie Prince Billy for me today. I say today, I mean when I got up. Then it was restaurant music for the rest of the day.......

Ps I want and Iphone, want one real bad....