Friday, July 20, 2007

3-week anniversary!!!

tomorrow iPhone and i celebrate our 3-week anniversary. i'm not planning anything big: cocktails, a just-the-two-of-us dinner at home, and then a romantic video like Pitch Black or The Perfect Storm. i can't say what the future holds for us, but i'm not exaggerating when i say these past 3 weeks have changed my life. i can't imagine life without iPhone.

granted, my previous relationship history was rather grim, and those of you with partners who give you email, web browsing, calendaring and contacts will think me awfully naive. my ex didn't even have a camera! so, part of this may be me maturing as a person, becoming more empowered and confident so i can say, "i SHOULD have internet access at home, on the road and on the floor of the Sovereign Center in Reading!! why? -because i'm worth it."

i don't want anyone to be jealous of my and iPhone's relationship. it's not all sunshine and unicorns; we have disagreements, and sometimes it acts in ways i can't begin to fathom. i'm sure it would say the same about me. but we're still learning about each other, and i believe that with honest commitment on our part and support from others we'll be together for a long time.

Fatcat and Kath, my heart goes out to you both. i wish you too could experience this kind of happiness, but in this world each of us has to find our own way. maybe i can offer this as your Virgil, guiding you to a place where you can envision your possibilities and move toward personal fulfillment: the DIY cut-n-fold iPhone:

if you want, you can put it in a blender and see what happiness. i mean, what happens. freudian slips LOL.

best of luck my friends!!
(if it don't work, there's always jameson, and valencia.)


fatmammycat said...

I'm not using it. It would look silly when I have to make my own ring sounds.

Squeeeeeeeeeaaaal, only some days left until Tuesday and even less hours until Smurf time. I haven't been this excited since that time I waited to see if foxgloves really could cause poisoning!

fatmammycat said...

Oh and congratulation on your 3-weeker. May no new gadget tear you asunder.

finn said...

here's a thot: take me to spain and i'll do your ring sounds for you. i've demonstrated quite a talent for it -- the trick is getting me to stop. pick a ringtone that you want to hear for the next 10 hours or so and we'll be fine.

and, don't leave us hanging: do foxgloves poison??

fatmammycat said...

They sure cause the squits in a particularly nasty way.

Manuel said...

I hope the two of you are very happy...

(grumble grumble moan moan)

fatmammycat said...

Now now Manuel, you're just back from holiday, you've got to spend at least another month in the rain before you get bitter.

finn said...

that comment may come back to haunt you, FMC.