Monday, July 23, 2007

a weekend without racing

weekends without racing can seem oppressively dull. what's the point of a saturday morning if you don't get up at 4am, pack your transition bag and bundle into your car for a 90-min drive to new jersey? what's the point of living if you're not constantly testing your limits??

but we all need a break sometime.

this saturday morning i slept in, then met the group B ride at 8. it was a gorgeous day, i was with good people and several times during that ride it occurred to me there was no place else i'd rather be. my legs have come back from blackwater, finally. i've learned my lesson -- long course will break you if you don't train for it -- so i've gone back to the drawing board and am spending the next couple weeks laying down base, forgoing speed. this probably means SFA to everybody but fatcat but i'm laying it down in verse to make it stick.

slow down.

friday afternoon i took the dog for a run. i didn't realise what a week of excess had wreaked until we hit the trail. i felt like shit, and the only remotely cheering thing out there was jack's feet trotting ahead of me. first i opted out of the 8-mile trail for the 5-mile one, which i then dismissed for the 3-miler. but after 2 miles i pulled jack to a halt. we looked at each other, then sat down on the grassy airfield and watched members of the Silent Knights Flying Society fly their machines while a dry, cool wind washed over us. on the way home i gobbled wild raspberries like a little bear, while jack followed deer and groundhog tracks.

when i am an old woman i shall always run without a watch.


fatmammycat said...

There's something rather primitive and power forging about striping back to the basics. Claire and I were doing parkwork the other week, laps as a comfortable speed and then hell for leather up this bitch of a hill and then laps, repeat to fade.
Yesterday-Sunday- the LGK and me spent the morn in the gym doing 'psycho killer' the name I've put on the workout. 5 Mins rowing as hard as you can, 15 air squats, 20 leg to chest raises, eight push press with whatever weight you can max, and repeat. it was only about 40 mins long, but we were flibberty gibbert afterwards and grinning like loons.
You're right, what's the bloody point if you're not pushing yourself to do better, get stronger, go faster.
I think, with your determination and fingers crossed to remain injury free, you're going to rack your capacity to the max and kick some serious arse at the worlds.
I totally believe that. I really do.
Also send me a post pickup joint. I'm bringing back Absinthe and I just KNOW you're gonna wanna bottle. For kicks.

fatmammycat said...

Mwoah mwoah!

addon said...

we all need a break sometime ... very true and don't ever forget it, please.

Brown Suga' said...

Yes, we all need a break. I'm the new commander, Private Finn - now hit the floor and give me forty now!


Er ... I meant forty winks.