Thursday, July 26, 2007

my suspicions are confirmed

- D, come here and check this out! - i'd just dismounted in the driveway and was checking my bike computer.
- what? you rack some killer average speed?
- no, no, i went easy. but this is my time elapsed, see? zero-three-zero-zero-zero-zero. i rode for EXACTLY three hours, no minutes and no seconds. isn't that crazy?!? - i'm awash in the freakiness of pure coincidence but D trucks in practicalities, not mysticism.

- what's crazy is that 3.

yes, i rode for 3 hours, but it was a nice day and i rode with E, who explained the reason he dissed me all last week was complications from taking in a stray
cat that bit him when he tried to give it a bath. after i stopped ROFLg he added - and i've lost count of the number of people who've asked me in the past week, "don't you know cats don't like water?"

did you know, also, that
-- it's not cat fur, per se, that triggers allergies; it's that cat spit they constantly coat themselves in. eeeew.
-- 30-50% of cat bites result in infections (with dogs you've got a 15-20% shot) because cats have sharper teeth and can therefore inject their bacteria deeper into your flesh. the day after his cat bit his finger, E woke with a swollen, locked hand, even though he'd already started antibiotics.
-- cats ARE the durty, nasty creatures i always suspected they were. (there's my college-taught, deductive critical reasoning at work.)

i've got to revel in my right-ness. it's so rare.

(don't ask me about the Tour. i don't know WTFs going on. next i'll hear lance was doping the whole time and there's really no santy claus.)


Mayrasmom said...

Don't ask me why, but I seriously hope Lance wasn't doping. (I know I may be delusional)
Hmmm, and all these years I've been thinking I don't believe in Santa Claus.

finn said...

i want v badly to believe lance was clean too. no one in the peleton was as focused or disciplined as he was. i want to believe those qualities, plus some talent, are enough to succeed in whatever you decide to do.

too much to ask?

Manuel said...

They need to cancel it for a year and bust a gut to clean it up. You don't get this sort of thing in the world of BMXing. Well not performance enhancing drugs....

Brown Suga' said...

Yeah, 'em felidae can cause teh itch if they get TOO cuddly.

alguien que pasaba por ahí said...

cats are daemons

finn said...