Friday, July 27, 2007

contador tested positive?!?

time: yesterday aft
place: JM lot
dramatis personae: LAF y moi

LAF: did you hear the latest on the tour??
oh fuck me. another painful exegesis. three times at work today i got thrown on the ropes and had to come to the rescue of my sport. poor cycling, withering like tinkerbell. :sigh:

F: yes...

LAF: so, you heard what happened today?

F: well, i heard what happened late last night, about rasmussen getting booted from Rabobank.

LAF: you didn't hear about Discovery?

F: nooo. what about Discovery?

LAF: contador tested positive.

F: shut up.

LAF: no, i'm serious. he tested positive for testosterone after Stage 15 and got kicked out of the Tour.

F: not contador.

LAF: so evans is in yellow now, and if levi can make up time in the TT it'll be the 9th straight american Tour victory.

F: you're serious about contador.

LAF: dead serious.

F: motherfucker. i really liked that little dude. he was scrappy. but vino was scrappy too. fucking contador.

LAF: haha. just kidding. contador's still in yellow.

i'm not sure whether the question is "why are my friends such pricks" or "why am i so gullible" but the take-away lesson is that busloads of our heroes could ejected from the Tour because of drug use, and i wouldn't be surprised. disappointed, betrayed, but not surprised.

earlier this week rudy told me of EPO allegations swirling around one of my triathlon competitors. i'd never heard such a rumor, and i find it ridiculous. EPO isn't cheap, and it's not readily available AFAICS. and why would normal people with jobs and families and lives outside their sport take such a risk?

i can understand how a Tour contender riding for a team paying him $600,000 USD a year might submit to pressure that i'm sure is ubiquitous in that rarefied environment. it's stupid, sure, but within the realm of reason. but taking EPO to win a no-name race in new jersey? get real.


addon said...

its pretty sad when everyone is willing to believe anything ... a little aussie could get there (actually he might be a big guy i do not know why i say little) ...

did you notice in some winter olympics we had a first in the men's speed skating when our contender was last until everyone else fell down at the last turn and he cruised through to victory - the nation loved that one.

an important criterion here is the need to get across the line to have a chance.

how come you are posting today - whenever today is over there?

Manuel said...

Kate Bush? Hippy....

addon said...

Cadel Evans became the first Australian to finish on the Tour de France podium when he came second to Spain's Alberto Contador today.

Yay for the Aussie!