Tuesday, July 24, 2007

what goes on behind closed doors

crushed with work. i did get out yesterday afternoon for a perfect-pace trail run with LAF, and we spent much of the hour talking about the recent demise of his 10-year marriage.

- you know... ever since i knew you way back when at gold's, i thought you and M were an unlikely couple. "unlikely" is my tactful way of saying, you're really hot and your wife's not, so WTF.
- if i had a nickel for everyone who's said that to me in the past month. so much for the ballyhooed piscean intuition. at least i can intuit the obvious sometimes.

- but but but then i saw you guys at that cocktail party and i thought to myself, "yeah i can see it." you're both down-to-earth with the same sense of humor. that night i could understand.

- i was fucking miserable that night. give me an audience and i'll perform. i love performing. but this experience has taught me you
never know what goes on behind closed doors.

people continue to surprise.

thank god we're unpredictable.
i wish we were MORE unpredictable, because yesterday's supposively EPIC stage kinda sucked. if it weren't for contador's badgering the yellow jersey, i would have fallen asleep in my ice cream. cadel, levi and sastre were content to sit like zombies on rasmussen's wheel.

- jesus, why doesn't anyone attack him? - i finally exploded out of sheer frustration - he's just leading them like lambs to the slaughter. ATTACK YOU LAGGARDS! - i exhorted the little people in my television. D looked at me bemusedly.
- i'd like to see YOU attack right now. the pack's climbing the out-of-category Port de Bal├Ęs, which is so steep that once guys crack they can't ride in a straight line anymore. i would tip and fall over in the first 50m, but you don't hear ME boasting about winning the Tour.

a big FUCK YOU to vinokourov, w
hom we took to our hearts for his scrappiness only to learn today he tested positive after his TT win on saturday. the entire Astana team has reportedly withdrawn from the tour, and poor kloden's left out in the cold again. you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

the one bright spot in this year's tour? - alberto contador. sweet dreams, young man. i hope you're getting stronger on this rest day.


Manuel said...

That whole cycling thing is just nuts eh? Every year there is a big name found out. Are they really that dumb? I don't get it. Waiters never perform under the influence, never.....

finn said...

you should field a team for the Tour, then. i bet you guys would do great. dealing with the french would be nuthin compared to some of your customers.