Tuesday, August 14, 2007

BRMC @ seaside park, NJ - 8.10.07

trekked with the rock star & entourage to NJ last friday to catch Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ the Sawmill Cafe's Green Room.

the Sawmill is right on the boardwalk, smack in the middle of Funtown Pier, and offers sushi, seafood and pizza plus guinness on tap. new york not wanted here.
[props to jersey for mastering the subtleties between “you're” and “your.”]

$25 dollars covered the show and an entree. fit in a couple rides at Funtown before the show and visited the ocean.

it is hard to take pictures from the ocean.

200 people max upstairs in the Green Room, a glorified bar born for things like cinco de mayo. same opening band i saw in philly: the cobbs. i was kinda grooving on their closing song when the rock star pulled the wool from my eyes. - it's the exact same bassline as Where the Streets Have No Name. jesus, if you're doing to rip off an entire riff, at least change it up a bit.

it's fun going to shows with musicians because you learn so much. i have no musical background – everything i know about music theory i've learned from buddyhead, westolowski and dudes i meet at tool shows. the boys opened with Took Out a Loan. - d'ya hear how peter just picks up that chord and drops it? - the rock star breathed - amazing.

the Green Room's sound was better than the TLA, but vox were still a little low, especially robert's. set list did not disappoint:

took out a loan
ain't no easy way
weapon of choice
punk song
six barrel shotgun
not what you wanted
666 conducer
need some air
american x
grind my bones (peter solo)
fault line (peter solo)
killing the light
spread your love
all you do is talk

plus an entire encore set of crowd requests.

whatever warm feelings i had for jersey dispersed midway through the show, when the two drunk sluts in front of me decided to hook up with the two horny dudes next to me, occasioning a fabulous display of primping of hairs, wriggling of arses and a constant stream of inane chatter. there might even have been spirit fingers. why go to a show if you're gonna yap the whole fucking time? and if you feel the need to yap the whole fucking time, and twirl about with hands in the air, and do spirit fingers, for fuck's sake get out of the front row jane you ignorant slut.

remember spike, the backup guitarist i said was hot in an unkempt junkie aaron north kind of way? here is a blurry picture of spike and robert. spike has very muscular hands. i think when he is not playing with BRMC he is strangling dinosaurs.

boys wrapped up with a rockin' song that i did not recognise. even the drunken ho's shut up for this one. while robert and peter were still writhing over their axes, nick left his drums. robert wrangled his bass for a bit longer, then approached the amp stack and carefully laid his guitar atop, as though presenting an oblation to the gods. while feedback still emanated wobblingly from the prone instrument, he too departed the stage, leaving peter and his wolverine sideburns attending to his own guitar. peter laid his guitar to rest with similar religious devotion, then strode across the stage in his big black boots and authoritatively flicked a switch on robert's amp stack and all the sound went dead. i might have come a little; it was THAT good.


fatmammycat said...

The paramour's brother is known to stand up and point his good pointing finger and say things like, 'Yo, I paid xxx for these fucking tickets, and it wasn't to listen to you fucking jabbering on, so please, if you don't mind, shut the fuck up.'
I believe it's the mix of politeness and swearing that works best. Or the pointing.
Did you run your half mar on the weekend? And I"m pronouncing that halfmar, with the 'L' sound.

finn said...

no halfmar for me -- hammie is a little tweaky. would like to see rudy this afternoon but i have to take all 3 cats and the dog to the vet. i wonder whether dr. roberts can be convinced to just put the cats down instead of vaccinating them. do vets ascribe to some kind of hippocratic oath?

fatmammycat said...

erm...I'm pretty sure vets just do what you tell 'em to do. Not mine though, he does whatever he likes, as long as it's costly. I"m sure he's already worked out whch of his sperm I'm going to put through college. I'm sure he calls him Arthur.
Perhaps cat slaughter is not the best way to make up for not running a halfmar. Poppycock, what am I saying, if you were really trying to off them you wouldn't be vaccinating them in the first place.

finn said...

Not My Choice.

this week there are small chilluns running about the property fishing, building treestands and flingin' arrows. god forbid one of the White Clay Adventures campers decide to get cozy with fat Lodi, myopic Begura or bulimic Harley and get fingers chomped or flayed open.

you may be sending arthur to college, but you still have puddy.

fatmammycat said...

I'll remember that when we're living under a bridge like common trolls.

Manuel said...

Two things, the BRMC? Seriously? Jesus they are awful. Poor mans Jesus and Mary Chain. (I am a terrible music snob)

Second, I always get lumped behind pricks at gigs. Went to see Rodrigo y Gabriela (you should check em out, brilliant) one Friday night. Was stuck behind a group of office warriors. They spent half the gig talking about their hair, their cars, their plans for the weekend. When one of them asked who was playing I went mental. Cunts...

finn said...

first, that is the beauty of the pit at a NIN show. by the time March of the Pigs rolls around, the chaff's been separated from the wheat and airlifted out by security; only the Deserving Faithful remain.

second, i am poor.

third, the next show on the sked is NWA. on the 5th. have i redeemed myself??

Manuel said...

Damn Ho, hell yes....

Anonymous said...

as long as those jersey girls didn't hook up with Tommy Cheeseballs, I'm OK with a couple of people hooking up at a (respectable) rock show over the summer at the shore. That's why we're there, no?

Also, finn, make sure you keep an eye on your calf during the next race.

finn said...

thanks westo - i will give those barricades a wider berth now. i think i saw yer man TommyC at the show. he was hectoring the bartenders upstairs because they were out of Miller Lite. i interrupted his rant to request a double jameson and he looked at me like he was going to knock my block off but didn't cos i'm a girl. Miller Lite. bleee.

and manuel that was NMA of course. i keep wantin to call 'em new world army.

Brown Suga' said...

It's gratifying that I can experience a music show through your posts alone. Thanks.

I've grown rather fond of 666 Conducer - I listen to it atleast once a day. American X too.

Indian rock is ded. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Damn, that sucks that you didn't "square up" and take "a shot at the title" with Tommy.

And, incidentally, I figured that NWA was a misprint. I can't imagine who would fill in for Eazy.