Friday, August 17, 2007

In the Lake of the Woods

L - how long are you gone?
F - two weeks.
L - you lucky dog. taking the bike?
F - of course.... you know, everytime i'm there i think of this book called In the Lake of the Woods. ever read it?
L - nope.
F - it's about a couple that retreats to a remote cabin after the dude's bid for a senate seat ends disastrously -- turns out he was part of the My Lai massacre. after that he goes a bit potty, killing all the houseplants by pouring boiling water on them while he's sleepwalking; and then his wife vanishes. you never learn definitively what happened to her, but the boat's gone, and by the end of the book you're left with the feeling that he didn't do anything to her but that she just took to the water and lost herself. now i look across the lake to that wall of green and i wonder about doing the same thing.
L - it'd be easy to do.
F - in some ways, yeah.
L - i'd find you.
F - i doubt it.


fatmammycat said...

Don't do it! Who would I have to inflict Gingerday on?
What about Jack? Won't someone please think of the cats.
Going out this evening?

fatmammycat said...

Oh and they gave me an x-ray date. 25th August. I believe I should be grateful.

finn said...

dammit i wish i could just call you, but you wouldnt pick up the phone anyway prob. why is the day before vacay such a clusterfuck.

anyway, prob best to lay off running until you get a diagnosis. i wont suggest swimming bec everyone knows cats dont like water.

i do, though, which is why i cannot wait to slip into lake sysladobsis.

hugs n squeezles & i hope you're heeled (sic) when i return. rudy said just tightness, no tears, hurrah.

fatmammycat said...

Be well, be safe, have a good time.