Wednesday, September 05, 2007

maine, in numbers

days in maine: 14

read by finn
books: 3 1
magazine back issues: 9 2
newspapers: 0

consumed by finn
fifths of gin: 1 gordons, 1.5 tanqueray
liter bottles of tonic: about a quarter
gargantuan ice cream sundaes at Gillmores: 3 3
six-packs of Redbridge gluten-free beer: 2.5 4
12-packs of coors light: 0.75 5
bottles of wine: 8 6
lobsters: 3
tablespoons of butter per lobster: ~4
1-lb bags of skittles: 1.5 7

activities performed by finn
early-morning swims: 0
skinny-dips: 5 8
times D said to me you can read ANYwhere: 5
times i told him leave me alone i'm reading: 5
BJs: 2
fish caught: 9 9
keepers: 0
kayak trips to pickerel cove: 7
times i considered not kayaking back: 7
times i kayaked back: 7
bear, moose and mink sightings: 0
dead, skinned beaver-hanging-from-a-tree sightings: 1
flicks watched on the Lapple (cos u kno i had to bring it): 3 10

in summary, aside from kayaking to molest pickerel (many bites; none hooked), i didn't do much in maine but read and drink. 'twas a far cry from L's june visit, which included water-skiing, mtn biking, running and flinging off the rope swing; but it was exactly what i needed.

1 the last Harry Potter book (HP and the SomethingSomething), Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell, and I am Charlotte Simmons. Hannibal Rising doesn't figure in because the writing was so atrocious i was skimming after page10, snuffling for the salacious truffly bits, of which there were too few to justify this book IMHO. i don't know what exactly happened to thomas harris, but sometime after Red Dragon and Hannibal the firstust, dude lost his muse.
2 Running Times, Runners World, Inside Tri, Tri-geke and The New Yorker
3 or, everytime i got dragged to walmart.
4 made from sorghumyum.
5 for lunch, yo. i know CL doesn't count as beer.
6 i had help here.
7 kept me awake at the wheel for the 15-hour drive.
8 not counting baths in the lake.
9 small-mouth bass.
10 American History X, 'Pocalypse Now, and Fight Club.

sunset shot #81/10zillion


Mayrasmom said...

Welcome home, I think. Glad to hear you figured out the power source sitch with the lapple.

fatmammycat said...

HUzzah! You're back! It was all a bit eerie, there were tumble weeds and everything.

finn said...

tah, tah, kisses.

tumbleweeds are proving rather resistant to the death & stoner metal my itunes has been serving up all day.

but my tapeworm seems to have returned, i slept <5hrs last night and there's a great anvil of work on my sternum, so some things are getting back to normal.

kath, the hummer-wannabe SUV we rented dutifully powered the nano, iphone AND lapple, so iTraveled complete.

Mayrasmom said...

Saw a line in a survey:

"nice hummer, sorry about your penis."

finn said...

small penSis, hurrah!!!

addon said...

sybarite !! you lucky thing ...

finn said...

not surprised that you came up with the perfect word, adam.

Brown Suga' said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a grand time.