Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bring Me Back -- to "pre-surge" levels

tonight Our Glorious Leader will offer a performance worthy of cicero i'm sure to explain why we're drawing back from iraq the extra troops he lobbied so hard for several months ago. should be an amazing display of verbal dexterity. regrets dubya; i've a funeral tonight.

in the same spirit i offer WK Interact's Bring Me Back series, now making guerrilla appearances in manhattan & the bronx. In protest of the ongoing Iraq war - says guerrilla art blogger Supertouch - WK INTERACT has taken it to the streets with “Stage I” of a new series called “Bring Me Back” featuring images of US army soldiers, who he calls “the most exploited group of human beings in recent history,” bearing the iconic slogan.

more pix of Stage I here and Stage II here; Stage III coming soon.

while i don't roll with the characterisation of US soldiers as uncommonly "exploited," WK Interact's installments are compelling stuff. OTOH one man's art is another's pedestrian graffiti, and you could argue that WK Interact's builds are no more worthy than the tagging practises of our local hooligans, who've left no Wawa and topsoil dealer unscathed/unmolested. state legislators recently passed a unanimous bill that makes it illegal for minors to possess paint cans outside their homes and forbids retailers from selling such products to minors without a note from their parents. kids have been busted for having pictures of tags on their mobiles – it's Evidence of wrongdoing, yo – while citizens have been advised to take pictures of graffiti ON THEIR MOBILES for Documentation.

i think OGL could appreciate that logic.


fatmammycat said...

Mindboggling. I can't wait to read the transcript of WUBA's speech. They're usually so much fun.
Country Gay and I are going to a play in the Abbey Theatre to night, a Sam Shepherd play no less. About a man and his dead horse.
I don't know what to make of that. I"m sure you will though. OH and I'm making you a goody box. I shall send it Monday, then you too will soon be able to savour the delight that is brown sauce, and also malteasers.

finn said...

:performs jig of joy:
gifts of brown sauce and malteasers are WAY better than that shit the baby jesus got. o thank you fatcat.

enjoy the play. maybe the Harry Potter chap will pop in for a full frontal cameo. i hear he digs horses.

fatmammycat said...

One of them goes velly well when stuffed in vanilla ice-cream.

finn said...

depends on the nature of "brown," precious.

which conjures the bumper sticker i saw driving to work this morning: if it's brown, it's down atop a silhouette of a 12-pt buck.

could also apply to horses, i suppose.