Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i keep telling myself....

do not need.
do not need.
do not need.

have $100.
comes with laser engraving.
is Apple.

not in stock yet. thank god.


fatmammycat said...

Oh great, I drooled on my Kapple. I"m sending this upstairs.

finn said...

which means you will be in line for the iphone, yes? like a game of chess, you must think one step ahead of your opponent. at least i think thats how chess works. adam prob knows.

addon said...

chess?- cheat if you can, is my advice. my (at that time 7-year old) daughter once beat me into severe embarrassment and humiliation on one of these outdoor boards at a fete. i have been emotionally bent ever since.

can I have the 100 bucks please? send to:
c/- Oz.


finn said...

shame on you adam for trying to lay your emotional bent-ness on your daughter. that is pretty low.