Friday, September 28, 2007

countdown to richmond: 3 weeks

in the bank is another week's training, highlights of which were a track workout of 1200s and quarters at sub-5K pace; and hill intervals on the bike last night, followed by a tempo trail run on legs a bit tenderised by 6 miles on the treadmill that morning. an easy ride today, and easy brick tomorrow and maybe a race sunday will finish off the week. ordered my Team USA uniform, too.

hill intervals on the bike are never fun, even when you've got pantera's "Walk" stuck on the mental jukebox. there's no fluidity or zen, only hurt -- plus there's the burmese mountain dog that sits in wait on the hill cos he knows your stupid ass is gonna come up and go down, again & again, but at least you KNOW when he's coming, not like the Three JackRussells of the Apocalypse that pop up out of fucking nowhere.

but as fisch noted on tuesday, the suffering is timed and finite, and if you can get your mind on-board so it's working with you rather than against, the time does pass and you do get stronger. and when you're going head-to-head in richmond with some chick from germany, you can brew some confidence from the memory of this workout and the fact you got through it. a little pantera never hurts, either.

so here's phil, provin that his band iswas waaaaay better than zep ever was:

happy MFBT.


fatmammycat said...

Ah Jack Russells, the devil's idea of a doggy joke. Nasty snappy little shits.
Whoat ho! I am off to the gym to row and curse loudly in Esperanto.

finn said...

nasty, snappy and SMART. which explains how they suddenly show up attached to your heel.

coffee and Maltesers for breakfast, ta v much ma'am. am saving the shortNcurlies for the Right time.

fatmammycat said...

That sound like the breakfast of champions to me.
Getting nervous yet?

finn said...

just typing this response triggered a NervousPoo. the next 2 weeks are crucial; after that i can only fuck my shit up by overtraining.

it's the prep that's a bitch, as i'm sure you'd concur.

here's a good article about federer's selective powers of concentration. i sent it to coach, but you can prob glean from it too.

hope your PR went well.

fatmammycat said...

It got cancelled, which is even better than all right.
Have a good weekend missus, I'm off to get ready for the onslaught I'm about to do mi cuerpo.