Thursday, September 27, 2007

Halo 3 and/or Smarties may cause loose stools

loucypher came in an hour late this morning and, glassy-eyed, rifled the bowl of Smarties in the kitchen then crumpled into his chair.
- late night? - i asked.
- uh-huh.
- Halo?
- yay-ah.
- like it?
- mmmmm - he sucked down 3 lines of Smarties and shook his head vigorously - oooh that tickles. yeah, i like it. the graphics aren't as good as Bioshock or Gears of War, but what it lacks in atmosphere Halo makes up in sick toys.
2 more Smarties down the pipes.

- dood you'll want to be careful with that shit - i warned him - i ate 8 of those things for breakfast yesterday and had the runs for the rest of the day.
- that's the rotten fruit you eat. so yeah, like there's this bubble you can throw up around yourself, and your enemies' weapons won't penetrate. the problem is that they can WALK through it, so unless you've got friendlies around for sniping, the grunts can just walk in. and there're these hotrod ATV's called mongooses, that if you're playing co-op, your buddy can drive while you ride and cover.
it's either sugar or pleasure of recollection that's loosened him.
- but the problem is that there are checkpoints, you know? -like Gears of War? and they come so fast that you think oh, i'll just make it to one more checkpoint, okay just one more, and then you look at the clock and it's quarter to 2.
- sooooo i'm guessing you didn't see the democratic debates last night. loucypher is about as political as my stapler.
- dude, i was creating my OWN democracy. peace through superior firepower. a pained expression splintered on his face. excuse me - he said and hustled toward the bathroom.
- told you so! - i addressed his fleeting backside and got a dismissive wave and slammed door in response.

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