Wednesday, September 12, 2007

danny lohner reinterprets a classic

not his BEST remix, but i could still watch this all day.

and maybe i will.

[thanks to rev, the MySpaceAddict, for finding this.
now turn off the comp and git outside, boyo.]


fatmammycat said...

I wonder just how much hooch was consumed during that session?

finn said...

not enough to improve his vox obvy, but that's not why i think he's the jazz.**

F was v cool about finding this on his desk this morn. hey, you found my porn collection! - he yodeled upstairs, unconcerned that loucypher and the Mayor were within earshot.

see, it's not so bad working for/with others as long as those others aren't douches.

**good jazz, not shitty jazz.

fatmammycat said...

Yeah, as long as they're NOT douches. A velly good way to make sure they're not douches is to work alone. Or with the occasional farting animal.

finn said...

i could accommodate you there... and you wouldnt have to clean my ears. regularly.