Friday, September 07, 2007

my iPhone cost an extra $200

when the MyCo lunch crew returned yesterday, quasar shuffled back to his desk and with all the righteous glory a man who wears slippers at work can realistically muster, fired
- so, what do you think of Apple now?!?
- whaddya mean? - quasar loves to bear bad news and deserves to be toyed with.
- did you hear they dropped the price of an iphone by two hundred bucks?!? - he's puffed with indignation and doesn't even have an iphone.
- yeah well, i won't feel so bad when i lose this one.

he's visibly deflated and disappointed that i won't play the Hating Game. sure i'm taking the piss with him a little bit, but i am so enamored of Apple right now that steve jobs could take a shit on my head and i would hand him a wetnap and ask if he wanted a coke.

this isn't to say i won't avail myself of the $100 apology Apple's purportedly offering, but if Apple products were *5* times more expensive than its competitors, i'd still pony up the cash. because my nano, Lapple® and iphone make me THAT happy.

Happy MFBT and have a great weekend, all.


addon said...

nice looking place there.

fatmammycat said...

Damn straight and swink lop to anyone who DARES say otherwise.

finn said...

inDEED. how's the Kapple® treatin' ya?

and while my heart & head are wishing i were back in maine, my liver's sure happy to be back on the normal sked.

fatmammycat said...

Velly silently Indeed. Kinda 'cleep cleep buuf twaaa cleep' if you know what I mean- and I know you do.

Brown Suga' said...

Cozy place, that.

fatmammycat said...

Aisling just took part in this,

Seriously, ow.

finn said...

seriously a good excuse to travel.