Monday, September 17, 2007

reason #100 why i love Mac

getting my $100 credit was a 2-step process, which required only the following:

- my mobile number
- my iphone's serial number (easily accessible via Settings)
- an activation number texted to me after entering the above
- 2min -- if that -- of my time

apple i love you.

it would have been nice if my iphone could have changed my bicycle tube when i flatted yesterday. just sayin.


Mayrasmom said...

I see the hoenymoon is never ending. Enjoy the iTouch (what an appropriate name...)
It's only a matter of time.

finn said...

here's something else: the weakness of iphone's non-tactile keyboard is for the most part offset by its intelligent & seamless text recognition and corrections/predictions.

muchly amused, was i then, by its recognition of the word Borg (even knows it should be capitalised) but not microsoft.

speaking of the Borg, how is your ipod?

Mayrasmom said...

I haven't played with it much, but bought a FM transmitter gizmo that hopefully will let me play it through my car radio.
I have succeeded in getting some videos on it, it will be much smaller to take to Florida than a portable DVD.
I don't think non-recognition of microsoft was an accident, that is funny as hell though.

addon said...

buy me something please ...

Manuel said...


finn said...

reason #100 why i love mac, section 2:

reminds me there are advantages to living in the US.