Wednesday, November 28, 2007

it's FattyTime

before the workout last night, coach ran through past and upcoming events, then opened the floor.
- any other items of note? - he inquired. standing next to me, A murmured a response.
yeah, Finn gained 10 pounds.
i snorted & retorted.

- you're one to talk. did you "forget" to go to the pool again this morning?

- HA. yes.

friends, it is FattyTime ah FattyTime when the living is easy.
/ when at 5am you drive right past the gym to the dunkin donuts.
/ in fact, sometimes you sleep IN until 5 -- or even 5:30!!
/ there are no double-workout days, and if you want to take a day, or two, or three off, you do, without excoriating yourself.
/ dinners don't have to be at least 40% carbs; and with no hard morning workouts to load for, pints of ice cream last longer (but bottles of wine don't).
/ in FattyTime if you show at tues nite track you're there for the people, not the workouts, and during FattyTime
you appreciate the scenery you normally charge by armed with focus and purpose.

that's not to say there is not a down-side to FattyTime, as i discovered over thanksgiving when i hopped on a scale for the first time since worlds. and this weekend when D and i got in the car to go to EMS i had a minor skirmish with the seatbelt.

- what's wrong? - he asked - belly in the way?
- it's going to be a long wintery winter. you'd do well to get insulated too.

conventional training wisdom says that as long as you stay within 10% of your normal body weight you needn't fret. still, A and i did marvel at how quickly we porked up since du worlds and xterra nats. laf too -- i hear his mom's sausage & peppers in breathing signif more labored now than in summertime.

the beauty about FattyTime is that it's fleeting; and as rudy said, once you get into base in january and feb those sausage & pepper, flapjacks & extra syrpul, bowls of whole-milk yogurt & granola will gradually melt away. at least that's what i'm banking on.

but to keep us in check, laf emailed me this pic, with the subject line If You Keep Gaining Weight....


Twenty Major said...

/ in fact, sometimes you sleep IN until 5 -- or even 5:30!!

I don't understand.

finn said...

do you understand why Crowded House looped non-stop in my head yesterday?? that was fun; thx.

fatmammycat said...

That, Major, is the time real tufty -tuf people get up. There would be no reason for you to understand it. None. Whatsoever.
I don't understand it either, but I get Fatty Time and I'm not against it. Plus in Winter fleece covers many ills.

finn said...

i have one of those fleecy items that's basically a big sack with sleeves and cuffed holes for your feet to come out of. perfect for cartoon-watching. it's big enough to cover even dick cheney's ills and i figure if things get bad enough i can wear it to work. it'd mesh nicely with quasar's red slippers. we could be a Brand.

Twenty Major said...

Haha, I do understand that, and yer welcome.

Brown Suga' said...

"Sleep in until 5.30"?

'Tis a strange, strange world you live in, my friend.