Thursday, November 29, 2007

i am tired of arguing, justifying, defending

gone snorkling.
back in 10days.


Mayrasmom said...

Looks Heavenly.
enviously yours-
Kath (and Mayra)

finn said...

thanks k&m.

cannot wait to plop my not-inconsiderable arse in a lounger on the beach and let the dog in with impunity.

fatmammycat said...

I am green I tell you, green.

Theo said...

That can't be easy, FMC.

Have a good snorgle, Swim Finn!

Manuel said...

nice......very nice

Brown Suga' said...

Have fun. You deserve it.

Enviously yours,


Theo said...

FINN: just a heads-up... looks like ICanHasCheezburger has been posting unflattering pix of you while you're away and unable to respond appropriately. Need me to whupp some ass?


finn said...

oh such things will happen when one is too sexy for one's shirt.

thx much for taking the helm teho as we are chasingks the pufferfish and the sea turtles (do not have caramel) at this time.

Theo said...

I snowblowered the driveway this morning. Twice. My sympathies for your lack of caramel do not run deep.

Seriously though... you kids have fun.

finn said...

point taken, teho, as I lounge with my rum punch and watch the green-throated Carib hummingbirds defend their feeder against the marauding banana quits. its 83*F here and my fingertips are puckered from snorkling around Whistling Cay, where the waves conspired to dash my body against rocks studded with black sea urchins and elkhorn coral and I finally figured out the real benefit of those 100yd repeats @5:30am.

sending u tropical vibes...

Theo said...

Y'know I can't help but notice that you've answered me twice, now, from right in the middle of your vacation. You brought Teh Lapple along, didn't you?

...soooooo busted

finn said...

hahaha fooled u.

when the peeps r away the border collie shall play.

now throw the Ball pls.


Brown Suga' said...

Where exactly are you vacationing? The Baha-mamas?

Theo said...

Yo Jack. How's it been, my brother? A little lonely, maybe? Since Duathlon Lady left you up in the snow by yourself while she went down where they've got snorkles and dolphins and drinkies?

Well y'know, it may not surprise you to hear that I've got a few ideas which could help pass the time until Ms. Loudstereopants gets back.

You still have my IM from last time, right?

finn said...

last time when you suggested I open that package because it might be an advent calendar with a piece of chocolate for every day in December, and it WAS? that was pure genius; thanks. I didn't sleep for a week and Their arms grew tired.

I like your ideas. I don't generally have anything against pillows, but these cats are getting on my tits, waking me and the substitute Ball mover at 5am. who wakes up that early, and wants food.

I hear They are reconsidering Their plan of buying a big plot of land in PA and are now pining for a 42' boat for to sail around the virgin islands and the world and some schit. can you imagine ME on a boat? where would be the smells? the geese to herd? the open alleys for the wormburners?? oh I must nip this one in the bud. any suggestions?

Theo said...
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Theo said...

They what??

Sorry, I got nuthin.