Friday, January 11, 2008

latest results from the beauty contest

now that the primaries and squawkuses are in full swing, we're finally getting a sense of what's truly important to voters. iraq's a hot button, certainly, as is immigration and the economy. the response in NH to hillary clinton's televised choke-up indicated that voters will support her if they believe there's a chance she's a mammal.

but such issues are secondary.

- i was sitting with your grandmother last night - my mom told me - and we finished the nursery rhymes book.

my grandmother can't string words together in a sentence anymore, but she can rap out poems, lyrics and random French phrases. so now she and my mom communicate through song.

- there was an Examiner on the table so we started paging though it, looking at the pictures. grandmother saw a picture of mitt romney and pointed at it. she looked up at me with big eyes. finn, there was life there i haven't seen in years. "good looking"? -i asked her. she nodded slowly and grinned like a little kid in front of the ice cream truck. this is his constituency!!

- mother. under NO circumstances can you allow that woman to vote.

- don't worry. i'm on it.

Mitt Romney: the undisputed choice of the demented.

you can read more about Mitt Skywalker and the other political gladiators in this Star Wars Guide to the Candidates.


fatmammycat said...

Isn't he the one with the magic underpants?

Mayrasmom said...

That's it! No Captain Underpants books for my kid.

finn said...

play it safe. stick with Everybody Poops.